In "Zodiak" we understand what individuality and uniqueness means for our customers. These concepts are common for now days business. We constantly carry out exclusive orders for our clients and own the full cycle production, from idea to embodiment. Do you have to carry out a complicated project related to lighting? Do you have an idea that requires high skill? Looking for someone who will offer a functional, stylish and intelligent solution? We understand. And we offer our services.The result will surpass all your expectations.

Lighting installations: the secret of popularity

Luminous structures are not only an additional source of light. These are also a bright detail of building's facades and streets decoration. It's hard to imagine modern city streets without lighting installations. Especially in winter season. After all, it is blinking sparkling garlands, luminous balls, sparkling fairy-tale figures that cheers up and gives the sense of a real holiday and even more, brings people to the fantasy and magical world.

We create and install LED structures for parks, squares, shopping and entertainment centres. We create and install LED structures for parks, squares, shopping and entertainment centres. Original light products can became your calling card and for sure will set you apart from the others.

The beauty of LED lighting installations

All art objects created by our specialists are distinguished by their high strength and reliability. Relatively small weight of these structures make their transportation and installation quite simple. As a rule, the frame of models is made of aluminum, while LED lamps are reliably protected from cracking and breakage. A variety of colour solutions opens large horizons for the realization of the most daring ideas.

Here are some advantages of light installations by the "Zodiac":

  • resistance to meteorological influences;
  • high environmental friendliness index;
  • fire safety;
  • compliance with sanitary norms;
  • long service life;
  • functionality.

Besides, our designers are ready to develop any exclusive project using your individual sketches. We take into account all your suggestions and will surprise you with the result.

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