Lighting Installations


What light can do?
Lighting installations bring a festive atmosphere and become centers of tourists attraction
Zodiak company makes the whole complex of works: we create design concepts and bring them to life!

How to bring a holiday atmosphere to the city streets? How to create festive vibes and let it touch the soul of every citizen? We accomplish this through light holiday installations!

Our festive lighting projects are a great decoration for the city. They attract citizens and tourists. And they form an atmosphere that is comfortable to be in. Our lights evoke positive emotions and give people bright moments. Our installations can emphasize the surrounding urban environment, but also they can completely change its human perception!

We are experienced in working on large-scale projects that represent the whole city and even the country. Zodiak's portfolio includes festive light decoration of Manezhnaya Square (one of the world's largest squares) and  Red Square (the heart of Moscow city and face of Russian Federation). Also, we set a record creating world's largest LED sculpture.


Things we consider
Our works always appear at thousands of social network publications
They become a press event, people use them as photoshoot issues. Our lighting installations are always must-see points on tourist routes.

What makes our light installations unique?

  • one of a kind projects — each order is a new elaboration;
  • we take into account historical, traditional and cultural features;
  • we choose materials and make design solutions according to climatic conditions of country or city;
  • our lighting installations have an aesthetic appearance at any time of the day due to the elaboration of details;
  • we make reliable fixation without any additional fasteners;
  • our lighting installations have replaceable decorative elements, so they can be transformed under new tasks.

Such senses as sight, hearing, touch affects a person's perception of the environment. Colors and textures evoke certain feelings and associations in people. This knowledge is used by experts in sensory marketing. They select materials, analyze shapes and colors chosen by designers. As a result, our lighting installations provoke emotions that are relevant to the holiday and its theme. We know how to create coziness, to express care, to attract attention. We know how to remind people why they love their city and motivate them to speak it out!


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Stages of processing
We make the whole project work from the concept research to its realization and maintenance
Concept choosing

Layout designing

Preparing technical project and estimate


Delivery and installation