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We decorate parks for any season or holiday

Modern city park decoration
We create lighting decoration for parks for any holidays
Christmas and New Year
City Day
Summer Holidays
City festivals

Parks and squares have always been a favorite recreation place for the people. These public spaces should be comfortable, safe, and aesthetic. They are also places of attraction for vacationers and tourists. Decoration of these areas is an important part of the whole city festive decoration.

The competent lighting design of parks implies not only its decoration. For example, the use of decorative lighting elements increases space illumination in the evening. It makes the area safer and more comfortable for walking. This is especially important during the winter holidays when daylight hours decrease.

Each park is a unique natural landscape with its history. We treat these features with care and take them into account developing the concept of lighting for a park.

About our work
We work with projects of any scale
Every year we decorate a large number of public places for various holidays. Zodiak company works with projects of any scale: our portfolio includes festive decoration of Gorky Park, Zaryadye, and VDNH territory.

Our projects advantages

We consider into account  natural and urban landscape, climatic features

All decoration elements are autonomous, installed without damaging park coverings and plants

Safe for visitors

The anti-vandal characteristics are increasing if necessary

The change of decorative details allows preparing the park for another event in a short time.

We can design and realize the idea of decorating a particular location or unite several squares of the city by one concept.

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