Festive Lighting

We form the image of the city with the power of light

Highlighting features of the city
Making festive light decorations, we pay attention to the idea and theme of the celebration as well as the city traditions associated with it.
We always study the history and culture of the city to highlight its features. Then we carefully put our project into the urban landscape.

Fascinating bright lights or tender blossoms appear on the streets to decorate it on the holidays' eve. But decoration is not the only goal of using festive lights. We aim to set a special mood. And we know how to create it. Since 2007, Zodiak has been decorating streets and squares for holidays and city festivals.  Every year we decorate more than 100 locations for Moscow festivals. We are ready to apply our experience to give people a real festive mood!

Festive lighting is the main Specialization of Zodiak company. But our mission is to create something more. To create an urban atmosphere. Our wider capabilities allow us to create installations where light is not the main, but an auxiliary tool. We can decorate streets, squares, and parks for any holidays and festivals.

Bright image of a festive city
We are ready to make Festive Lighting for any holiday:
Christmas and New Year
City Day
Summer Holidays
Various festivals

We use an integrated approach and prefer to choose a single style for city lighting decoration. It allows creating a solid, recognizable image of the festive city.

Our lighting installations always appear in mass media and get great reviews from top bloggers. Our projects receive positive feedback from the citizens and tourists. Thousands of photos and videos on social networks prove it. We can add to holiday installations interactive elements such as augmented reality.

Festive lighting is a great contribution to city image building and a perfect way to create a mood for its guests and residents!

Service Gallery

Stages of processing
We provide the whole work package

We create an idea that unites all the decorations of the city and emphasize its character


We prepare design layouts for each element of the city festive decoration

General appearance

We prepare visualizations by integrating installations into the urban landscapes


We start manufacturing of installations and then carry out a test assembly (full or partial)


We deliver all the elements, carry out the assembly, launch lighting equipment


We are ready to provide duty checks, dismantle and repair works at the end of the holiday season