If you look at modern companies, shopping and entertainment centres and restaurants on the eve of the holidays, you will see a real kaleidoscope of lights and colours. Windows, shop windows and signboards decorated with bright flashing lights and original festive illumination creates a festive atmosphere. Decorative lighting of streets and buildings's facades in Moscow and other cities of Russia are carried with all sorts of garlands and LED lamps that cheer up passers-by making them feel in a real fairy tale stoory.


Artistic street lighting includes lighting of multi-storey residential buildings. It allows to highlight key elements of the facades, create a real light enchantment at the objects with the help of various garlands and contour lighting. The New Year's street illumination is particularly impressive. It helps to decorate even the most common building and create unmatched light pictures on it. This effect is achieved via using the special equipment:

  • traditional motifs on the facade (snowflakes, stars, comets, etc);
  • searchlights;
  • LED strips;
  • flickering garlands of warm and cold glow;
  • LED curtains, etc.

All the above elements are distinguished by excellent quality, energy saving and long service life.

Illumination for the streets

Festive street decoration with LED light has become quite popular. Especially festive illumination of garden, park zones, squares and other city spaces. Installation of light banners, pillars and tree lighting changes beyond recognition the city image during the holidays.

Just think about the special atmosphere, the sense of harmony and comfort, which are achieved through festive illumination.

We created the festive and decorative lighting for a large number of events. Knowledge and experience allow us to provide truly unique, vivid and memorable light installations. The festive illumination conveys the spirit of celebration and creates a mood for everyone who see it.

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