Landscape lighting massively came into fashion not that long ago. 15-20 years ago urban streets, park areas, territories of private possessions were with lampposts. Boring lampposts were everywhere. Monotony, and only!

However, in recent years the situation has seriously changed. Huge technological leap made possible to create lighting devices resistant to temperature and humidity changes. They are economical and do not require serious investment during exploitation. Nowdays landscape lighting is the first way to quickly transform any landscape, either the park zone or your back yard.


It is impossible to imagine an impeccable landscape design without landscape lighting. The original illumination of trees, fountains, garden paths is not only beautiful, but also very convenient. We are sure, that it is better to trust all the affair to professionals who are able to turn even a plain ground into a garden of Eden.

Our specialists have a lot of interesting ideas and a full arsenal of equipment to reach this goal . There are several types of landscape lighting:

  • floodlighting;
  • accent lighting;
  • installation of small luminous forms.

You can choose the most suitable variant by your own or consulting with the designer.

Application of landscape lighting

Decorative lighting is perfect for the following objects:

  • terraces of cafes and restaurants;
  • garden and park ensembles;
  • streets with roadside lawns and ornamental plantations;
  • individual trees and sculptures;
  • fountains and reservoirs.

This type of lighting can not only "revive" the landscape design, but also can be an additional source of light in the dark. Its practical function is the illumination of pedestrian paths, swimming pools, bridges, transport entrances.

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