landscape lighting

creates a comfortable and safe space for the evening rest!

What light can do?
Landscape lighting solves both decorative and practical goals
Zodiak Company makes lighting design for parks, squares, and open areas near public and administrative buildings (such as shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, business centers, educational institutions, etc.).

Landscape lighting creates an urban atmosphere in the evening. It also makes it safe to move around the territory. And of course, landscape lighting helps to form the general appearance of the city, to create comfortable conditions for recreation.

The evening is a usual time for leisure when people go to Mall shopping or some entertainment. The surrounding area, provided by light, will attract people and motivate them to go inside. Modern business centers and offices are being built according to original architectural designs. Architecture is using as a representation of a company's individuality, stability, status. But at night time, landscape and architectural lighting cope with this task.

For hotels, it's territory lighting becomes a sign of taking care of their clients. A comfortable, beautifully decorated area for evening walks and relaxation can become a marketing advantage of the hotel. Because people usually use services they liked again and again. And also recommends it to others.

Things we consider
Landscape lighting as a city development point
For each project, we create an individual design. We pay attention for the surrounding of the illuminated area and its functions. We choose lighting equipment according to climatic conditions. Also, we prefer to make our projects easy for follow-up maintenance.

In Russia, daylight hours end at 5-7 pm most of the year. At the same time working and study day finishes. In this case, residents walk around the streets mostly in the dark time. In summer, the daylight hours are longer, but during this period people are usually on vacation. They have time for a longer and later stay on the streets. Thus, the lighting of public recreation areas is necessary for a comfortable life. Illumination can create a safe space, where people feel comfortable during evening park walking or waiting for a taxi in the territory of the shopping center.

Landscape lighting also has an aesthetic function. It emphasizes the beauty of the area and hides its imperfections. With the help of light, we can create a new unique appearance of the place, completely different from the daylight view.

Safe and comfortable cities are attractive for living and working. They are interesting as a  touristic route. As a result, they are attractive for investment.

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