Architectural lighting

Highlights the beauty of buildings, increases its status, hides disadvantages, shapes the night urban view

What light can do?
Architectural lighting of residential buildings
Architectural lighting can be used both for residential and non-residential buildings (malls and entertainment centers, administrative buildings). For each project, we consider the economic, natural, cultural and historical characteristics of the area.

Building's illumination forms the night urban view. With the help of light, we can emphasize the beauty of buildings, increase their status, hide flaws.

An apartment complex with a beautiful facade lighting looks more attractive to live in as people love its appearance. On a subconscious level, additional light from a building is associated with safety. That's why architectural lighting is especially useful for new buildings during the sale. It becomes an extra advantage that increases the cost of the estate.


Things we consider
Facade lighting for commercial buildings
Zodiak company creates lighting design that emphasizes a building's uniqueness and achieves marketing purposes. At the same time, our lighting projects are perfectly fitting with city architecture.

For non-residential properties, lighting will be a marketing advantage that will attract visitors. People usually visit the Mall and Entertainment Centre in the evening. The original appearance that illumination gives to a building, attracts people and motivates them to go inside.

Modern offices of large companies, banks, business centers are built according to original architectural designs. This helps to emphasize the individuality, stability, financial reliability of the company. If you need to meet these goals in the evening time as well, then use facade lighting.

Architectural lighting as a part of city development

A building with interesting and conceptual lighting design is able to become a local and even international brand. One of the prime examples is the Galaktika complex in Sochi. The memorable architectural lighting design of the Galaxy complex has become a new symbol of Sochi resort. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors.  Such local brands make the city more interesting for tourists and consequently for investors.

Service Gallery

Stages of processing
We provide the entire cycle of works from the creation of the light design to project maintenance
Preparing the statement of work

We discuss the project with our customer, noting all his requirements and finding out what's the goal of lighting the object

Layout Designing

We prepare 2 versions of visualization (2D or 3D)

Technical project developing

We source the equipment and prepare technical documentation

Cost estimating

We establish the total cost of the project

Supplying and installing

We supply the light fixtures, then set and launch it

Servicing (additional option)

Maintenance of lighting equipment, updating and improvement of systems to goal new challenges