«The looking glass», Bolshaya Dmitrovka str., Moscow, 2015

Festival "Journey to Christmas" was held in Moscow in 2015. We created the route "Through the Looking Glass" — a unique design solution which has no analogues in the world to decorate Bolshaya Dmitrovka street.

Mirror shapes with LED lights helped to create an unforgettable play of light and color. The whole composition created a really magical atmosphere full of mystery. We have chosen MADRIX software to implement such a complex and multi-level idea. Nowdays this software is the best one for control the LED matrixes. With the help of MADRIX it is possible to obtain such lighting effects as rainbow, flame, confetti and even falling snow.

Three hundred mirror figures reflected the light intellectual "sky" from more than two thousand LED tubes.

Phases of workA to Z service

Lighting design
Coordination of project details with the customer, conclusion of a contract
Light-engineering calculation
Compilation of detailed estimates and optimization of expenditure
Creation and step-by-step description of the project
Equipment supply
Organization of smart and ergonomic logistics
Installation work
Conducting works related to the installation of parts of the project
Warranty service
Implementation of warranty and post-warranty service of all parts of the project