Light tunnels

Christmas installation

About project
Light tunnels decorated Triumfalnaya Square. Also, the installation became an additional architectural and light accent

Triumfalnaya Square is one of the main historical Moscow squares. It is well known from the Vladimir Mayakovsky monument and popular park swing. The square has a marked geometry, which is emphasized by the swing design. To support this feature and fit Christmas decoration into space we choose the geometric shape of the tunnels.

Project Gallery
The installation consists of 4 pairs of tunnels 5 m high and 38 m long. The width allows moving comfortably inside the tunnel.

For lighting decoration, we used LED lamps and modules. Outside, the tunnels are lit with warm white light, inside - with neutral white.

Between each pair of tunnels, we installed 6 m high Christmas trees.  Christmas tree 8 m high, installed on the opposite part of the square from the tunnels, and became a central part of the installation.