The Magical forest

lighting Christmas installations for Zaryadye Park

About project
Zaryadye is one of the most unusual parks in Russia. And it was interesting for our team to decorate this park for the Christmas and New Year season.


Specifically for Zaryadye, we created a unique installation called Magical Forest. The most unusual part of the installation is the inhabitants of the forest. Figures of animals are hand made from real brushwood.

Magical Forest consists of 46 decorative isles allocated to the whole park. Isles consists of the following elements:

    • Christmas trees 1.5 to 6 meters high, decorated with toys in blue and silver tones;

    • lanterns;

    • 42 wooden sculptures (deers, owls, bears, foxes, hares);

    • decorative snowflakes, berries, branches, etc;

    • fences.

Project Gallery

Each isle is unique: neither the design nor the arrangement of elements is repeated.

Wooden sculptures are made from brushwood. We started to gather it in the summertime in forests, then brushwood was dried and varnished, and then put together into sculptures according to the sketches.

In the evening, the decorative illumination turning on. The classic warm light creates delicate accents and emphasizes the mysterious silhouettes of animals, creating magical winter forest vibes.