«Dancing Forest», Puskin Square, Moscow, 2017

"Dancing Forest" was a truly unique installation created in Moscow, on Pushkin Square in 2017.

The total area of the installation was 350 square meters. It consisted of several groups of light-dynamic elements combined visually and musically. It was an image, subordinated to the musical rhythm. Beauty, style, elegance as they are.

Snow-white elements of the dancing forest were combined with light effects. That created the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. The installation was also promoted by special equipment for creating atmospheric effects. The sound and visual effects were syncronised. Each note of the melody responded in the image and light. The duration of the performance corresponded to the duration of the musical fragment.

The technology of reproduction is so unique that at the moment it has no analogues on the territory of Russia.


  • Pixels: 12400 pcs;
  • LED Floodlight: 33 pcs;
  • Fairy Animals: 8 pcs;
  • LED trees: 43 pcs;
  • Stage floodlights: 6 pcs.

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