Parking of public and culture centre «Galaktika», Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, 2014

The parking is situated opposite publiс and culture centre "Galaktika". Its highlighted in the same style as the center itself. Therefore, a group of structures looks like a single light ensemble.

The work of the Center and parking lights are synchronized with a single control system. This system consists of computers, controllers, splitters, amplifiers, adapters and many more details. Everything works on the basis of MADRIX software. It allows to display an infinite number of light scenarios. All this made it possible to organize a working, reliable and harmonious scheme of interaction between parking illumination systems and publiс and culture centre "Galaktika". Therefore, it helps to realize the task set by the customer in the best possible way.


Phases of workA to Z service

Lighting design
Coordination of project details with the customer, conclusion of a contract
Light-engineering calculation
Compilation of detailed estimates and optimization of expenditure
Creation and step-by-step description of the project
Equipment supply
Organization of smart and ergonomic logistics
Installation work
Conducting works related to the installation of parts of the project
Warranty service
Implementation of warranty and post-warranty service of all parts of the project