Internal lighting of public and culture centre «Galaktika», Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, 2014

For public and culture centre "Galaktika" we created not only outdoor Lighting, but interior lighting too.

The purpose of lighting design is to help the visitors of the billiard club focus on the game and exclude third-party distractions. Simplicity and elegance - that was our concept during work on this object.

Agave Red Tequila Bar & Restaurant has acquired typical features and a kind of gloss after our technicians have added cold red light to the golden interior of the rest-bar.

The cinema located inside the "Galaxy" centre is a real art object. Just take a look at the nontrivial shape of the fixtures. Coupled with the temperature of light and a general colour solution, they create the illusion of crushed ice. It is impossible to remain indifferent looking at all this flawless geometry.

When the designers created the projects of the halls of public and culture centre "Galaktika", they bet on hi-tech interior style. They decided to create a super modern space shuttle atmosphere.

Of course, in such a situation a serious role was given to illumination. The basis of lighting was LED lamps of cold temperature. Halls between the centre's zone looked like lighting portals. The contouring of the floor with LED lighting allowed to create a truly cosmic atmosphere. Columns in halls faced with black granite. To make all the halls composition look even more attractive, we illuminated columns with blue lights. There are linear light fixtures of blue colour and point RGB lamps inside the elevator shafts. All that in complex create the effect of the night sky. Just a ride in such an elevator is already a small space journey.

The atmosphere of coziness and hospitality in the cafe "Three Moons" was created due to lighting in a warm colour scheme. Decorative elements in the shape of the moon were also contoured with a "warm" LED tape.

Галерея объекта

Phases of workA to Z service

Lighting design
Coordination of project details with the customer, conclusion of a contract
Light-engineering calculation
Compilation of detailed estimates and optimization of expenditure
Creation and step-by-step description of the project
Equipment supply
Organization of smart and ergonomic logistics
Installation work
Conducting works related to the installation of parts of the project
Warranty service
Implementation of warranty and post-warranty service of all parts of the project