«Moscow Summer», Manezh Square, Moscow, 2016

A surge of positive emotions, close to euphoria, an upbeat mood and the desire to make your life and the lives of your loved ones brighter - that's what happens to someone who, on the most ordinary summer day, suddenly realizes: I have a summertime mood.

When we stood by the implementation of the project "Moscow Summer", we tried to touch exactly such feelings and moods of our future viewers. To bring such a multifaceted task to life, we used the resources of our experienced designers and technicians.

Installations of "Moscow Summer" series , created and installed in 2016 on the central squares and streets of Moscow, were composed of several groups of modern light structures. The purpose of all the installations was in fact the only one thing: to create this summertime mood for the citizens and guests of the capital.

The principle installation were letters more than 3 times larger than human height. The front surface of the letters showed the effect of stained glass. It was highlightedIn the dark. Visually it made the elements of the installation look even more voluminous and as if it were alive.

Material of manufacture: metal, acrylic glass
Lighting: extra bright white LEDs
Dimensions: d = 22 meters, g = 8 meters, in = 7 meters
Weight: 8 tons

The same group included the light installation "Apple" which added charm to the overall picture: In addition to the obvious aesthetic function, the "Apple" served as a gazebo with benches. This installation became a favorite place for urban romantics.

Material of manufacture: decorative plastic elements of red color of 9 shades Illumination:
Dimensions: height = 9 m
Weight: 11 tons

Another important element of the installation was "Umbrellas". Weightless in appearance, like lace, they have become a unique decoration of city's streets. In the daytime, they attracted the attention of viewers with their bizarre design and unusual size. In the evening "Umbrellas" turned into a truly festive accessory of urban decoration.

Material of manufacture: metal, acrylic glass
Illumination: directional lamps of white color
Dimensions: in = 5 meters
Weight: 5 tons

Special attention should be paid to "Bicycles". Despite the serious weight of the structure, we managed to create a feeling of lightness. It's all about the used materials and the talented design idea. "Bicycles" were made of metal with forging elements and contoured by LEDs. The feeling of movement was created due to the illumination of the wheels.
Baskets-kashpo installed on the structure became a functional element of the decor. Depending on the season, they could be filled with artificial flowers, fruits, vegetables, and also serve as flower beds for fresh flowers.

Material of manufacture: metal, acrylic glass, LED light-dynamic tape
Lighting: flexible white LED neon
Dimensions: в = 4 meters, д = 5,5 meters
Weight: 2 tons.

Without exaggeration, it was impossible to pass by the "Moscow Summer". The installation caused the keen interest, both in children and adults. More than 30 thousand publications in social networks with the elements of "Moscow Summer" is the acknowlegment of this fact.

Gallery of summer umbrellas

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