Filigree (Skan’)


About project
Zodiak company proudly presents an amazing collection of lighting sculptures called Filigree (Skan’).

Creating this collection we were inspired by an ancient jewelry technique invented in Egypt. In IX-X centuries the technique has been advanced by Russian jewelry artists. Eventually, filigree has become a part of Russian culture due to its wide dissemination in the XVII century.

Encouraged by works of Russian craftsmen we created our own Filigree light sculptures collection and presented it during Festival Journey to Christmas in 2018. Lighting installations were located in the central areas of Moscow. Lighting installation near The Bolshoi Theatre became one of the most recognized festive areas!

In 2019-2020 Christmas season we have expanded the Filigree collection.  So now it consists of the following units:

  • 2 versions of   the arch bracelet (large 6,5 m high and small 4,5 m high);
  • 2 versions of   diadem (large 12 m width and small 6 m width);
  • Ball pendants;
  • Filigree Christmas tree;
  • Single Columns and Columns with benches;
  • Slide;
  • Christmas ball;
  • Filigree Watch.

Project Gallery

Installations are cold-forged (hand-wrought). At night, they are lit with bright but delicate lights/ This effect was achieved by using a LED strip with a warm white glow. Also, we used LED snowflakes for decoration and creating Christmas vibes.

In 2020 Filigree decorated such locations as VDNH complex, The Bolshoi Theatre, Gorky Park, and other central venues. We created an amazing Christmas atmosphere and recognizable cityscapes!