City Stories

Installation with AR technology

About project
For Russia, this is the first installation of such a great scale where augmented reality technology is used.


A magical forest has grown in the center of Moscow (Manezhnaya and Tverskaya squares). It consists of 450 decorated Christmas trees. Among these trees, we hid a beautiful city with its wooden houses decorated with garlands and Christmas wreaths. You can see tiny bicycles, skis, and sleds parked in the small yards of the city, waiting for their owners.

All the elements (over 500) are hand made according to unique sketches that we developed specifically for this installation.

Like a real city, our installation has inhabitants. They are animals, whose sculptures are also hand made puppet masters. But the most amazing thing is that inhabitants of the City come to life on the screens of smartphones with the help of the AR app!

Project Gallery

The City Stories augmented reality app is available for Android and iOS. The menu has two languages - Russian and English. After installing the app, you can open a map with marked locations where you can use augmented reality.

With the help of the app sculptures “come to life”. They are supplementing by the animation on the screen. The user can see how the animals are playing snowballs, sledding, dancing. In this mode, you can take a photo or a video with animals and share it on social networks.

31st of December, all app users received a personal congratulation from Santa Claus!