Fish week in Zelenograd

Within the «Fish Week» festival in Zelenograd on Yunost Square have been placed «Anchor» and «Fishes».

At the same time with the "Boat", suddenly appeared in front of the Moscow TSUM, we represented "Anchor" and "Fishes" in Zelenograd on Yunost Square.

"Fishes" were entirely made of wood. The base of the installation was of the real sea pebble. Portholes on "fishes" were made of polycarbonate with a seal and LED backlight.

"Anchor" was 2.7 meters height and was made of melted wood, caught from the Black Sea. On the wooden base was also installed a shell, carved and covered with a metallized coating. The lamps were mounted at the base of the installation, since we always follow our traditions, we are striving to ensure that all our installations look spectacular 24 hours a day. 

Both installations were popular between townspeople and served as excellent photo zones.

Installations «The Anchor» and «The fishes»